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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The patient’s anxiety for the use of psychotropic medication.

The use of psychotropic medication is sometimes necessary during the course of therapy for anxiety disorders. Usually, the prescribed drugs aim at controlling the comorbid clinical difficulties (i.e. major depression, bipolar depression I, II etc.) and/or they negotiate the resistance of the anxiety symptoms themselves, in cases of chronic anxiety diagnosis. Although psychotropic drugs are perfectly safe and they are not addictive, when used within the protocol of therapy, most patients are reluctant to take them. The avoidance of psychotropic medication stems from many sources. Some of these are:

  1. The desire of the patient to feel inside and to project to others that s/he is a natural person.
  2. The fear that psychotropic drugs are addictive.
  3. The possible negative side effects.
  4. The uncertainty of the patient as to whether the psychotropic drugs are absolutely necessary in order to get well.
  5. The lack of knowledge as to what they really do in the organism.

The psychotropic drugs of contemporary clinical psychiatry are impressively effective in treating the symptoms of mental diseases and they have far fewer side effects, in comparison to the psychotropic agents of past generations. In addition and, perhaps more importantly, the therapeutic outcome is superior, when the patient is met with agreeable and transparent information about his anxieties with regard to the psychotropic medication. However, in most cases these anxieties are not revealed to the therapist and they imperceptibly become an obstacle to the patient’s effort to get well. It is important to remember that although the effectiveness of the psychotropic mediation undoubtedly depends on the selection of the appropriate scheme for each individual patient, it equally depends on the careful and tactful psychological preparation of the patient to use it.

Disclose to your therapist:

The full extent of your agonies regarding the use of psychotropic drugs.

Ask your therapist:

To empathize with you and to help you minimize your agony over psychotropic medication by his/her willingness to inform you.


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