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Saturday, July 13, 2024



The Hellenic Association for Anxiety Disorders is a civil, non-profit organization, aiming at informing the general public about the opportune prevention and the effective treatment of anxiety disorders. It consists of mental health professionals who are legally licensed to practice in Greece and who are particularly interested in anxiety disorders. The Association also invites scientists from other fields of the theoretical or the applied sciences, who take an interest in anxiety problems and likely work near people suffering from anxiety disorders. Among us are also non-specialists who desire to be properly educated on the above issues. Every person in the HAAD understands the need for the timely prevention and complete treatment of anxiety disorders.

The expression “anxiety disorders” is not an eloquent countenance for the ordinary stressful experiences felt by almost everyone in their professional or personal lives. The anxiety disorders are clinical syndromes that require a high-quality scientific intervention for their treatment. In other words, they are painful psychological realities as well as a limiting factor for the desired development of the personality of the people who suffer from them. In some cases, they remain undiagnosed. This is attributed to the lack of adequate information, before the appearance of the disorder. In other cases, they are treated either ineffectively or with only a partial therapeutic benefit. The major consequence of an ineffectively or partially treated anxiety disorder is the perpetuation of the problem, with experience alternating between periods of remission and periods of recurrence of the overt symptoms. In the end, they result in a quality of life far below to what would be expected of the real capabilities of the person who suffers and they facilitate the development of more serious forms of emotional and personality psychopathology.

Our purpose is to energetically pursue the reversal of the above situation. We want to effect and we strive for:

1.  The prevention of anxiety disorders by making available to the general public adequate information ahead of time.

2.  The clear, reliable and comprehensive enlightening of the afflicted person and of those who care for him/her.

3.  An effective and complete therapy for each individual patient, in place of only a partial reduction of the overt symptomatology.

4.  The encouragement of psychological mindfulness in human interaction in and out of the family.


Pericles Goudopoulos, PhD
Founder-President of H.A.A.D.

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